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May 8, 2012 - Posted by: admin_user
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Fuse Board Replacement

Does your fuse board meet today’s required safety standards?

With too many homes still having outdated fuse boards. It is recommended upgrading your fuse board for today’s much safer fuse boards. This will provide a greater protection for your home and more importantly, you and your family. A new fuse board will bring your home in line with today’s current electrical safety standards.

O’Grady Electrical have replaced hundreds of fuse boards with some being dangerous or unsafe, with many being fifty plus years old. Upgrading your old fuse board may also involve some additional electrical work to meet the required electrical standards. This may include splitting circuits or running new cable. Installing a new main earth, earthing of immersion tank & pipes and earthing of kitchen sink. All our fuse board replacements undergo full testing ensuring current safety standards are implemented.  

Only use a qualified electrician. A qualified electrician is trained in all safety devices required in replacing your old fuse board. Today’s protective devices are a vital part ensuring you and your family’s safety. If you need your fuse board replaced call for a free quotation.

For a free quotation, contact O'Grady Electrical.